World Marriage Day


Job Description for the Local World Marriage Day Coordinators

1. Review and share this Coordinators’ package of materials with your area leadership, area board and other members of your Marriage Encounter community as a way to start discussion on the many possibilities for your local celebration of WMD. Remember that WMD is for the celebration of marriages regardless of the faith expression of couples and whether or not they have been on a Marriage Encounter weekend. In fact, inclusion of non-encountered couples in WMD events often leads them to register for a weekend.

2. Don't try to do everything yourself. Develop a team of enthusiastic couples as helpers to assist in the planning, preparations and staffing of any events and activities you plan for WMD.

3. Do your WMD planning with your team. We suggest that you use the DOME planning method:
Diagnose the situation now. What has your community done in the past? What has worked and what hasn't? Why did it or why did it not work?

Objectives for the next WMD should be set. Knowing what we have done in the past, what do we want to do this February? Be very specific about what events you want to organize for this WMD.

Methods of accomplishing your objectives are then listed. Exactly "how" will we accomplish these events? Take each event and list every activity that will have to be done to make it happen. Go one step further and actually assign the activity to a member of your team along with a date by which it should be completed. For example:

Event: A "Celebration of Marriage Day Liturgy"

Step # Activity Who? By When? Done?
1 Contact Parish Priest Tim & Joy October 15 Yes
2 Meet with Liturgy Committee Tim & Joy November 5  
3 Develop Bulletin Notices Tom & De December 9  
4 Plan Reception after Mass TJ & Meg January 10  

Evaluate how well you are progressing. Each week, check on how well you and your team are doing at accomplishing all the activities necessary to pull off your planned events. This is easier to do when you have planned it out like the above. After WMD, evaluate the overall plan and what you will do differently next year to make your WMD celebration even better.

4. Contact your diocesan Family Life Director to discuss the local celebration of WMD and determine the amount of cooperation and the level of support that might be available from that office. You will find most are glad to hear from you and more than willing to work with you. They receive a letter along with a package of materials from the National WMD Team. We often have been surprised at the number of dioceses that have included funds in their budgets to support activities of the nature of WMD.

5. Contact your local Bishop or Archbishop about a diocesan-wide celebration of WMD. Your Bishop has received a letter from the WMD National Ecclesial Team in addition to the one their Family Life Director received. The letters refers the Bishop and their Family Life Offices to view the WMD website.

6. Consider contacting local pastors about making WMD special in their individual parishes. Give them a copy of the Sample Prayer Service and Liturgy helps.

7. Determine your financial resources and develop a budget for your WMD events. Look beyond your Marriage Encounter community's treasury. You may be surprised to find that your municipality budget has funds for such visible celebrations that include the entire community. Don't be afraid to also seek corporate donations or sponsorships for things you want to do.

8. Get involved with the media in your community -- newspapers, radio and television. This is an excellent way to promote and publicize your WMD events. You will find that most often the various media are open to celebrations such as WMD, especially because of its national and worldwide appeal. They often search for news and human, interest stories pertaining to love and marriage in conjunction with Valentines Day. Since WMD occurs so close to February 14, it makes for a perfect story. Use the press release masthead included in this package.

9. Use the special World Marriage Day letterhead by downloading it from the WMD Website. Use the World Marriage Day logo for your various promotions.

10. Get your Marriage Encounter community excited about conducting local contests associated with World Marriage Day. The “Couple Married Longest" contest can be found on the WMD web site.

11. Download the “Prayer for our Marriage” and provide it to the married couples in your community or parish.

12. Report highlights of your community's celebrations to the WMD National Team and send along copies of photographs and newspaper articles related to your activities and events.

13. Consider serving another year as your community's WMD Coordinators. The experience you gain this year will be invaluable as you plan for future years. Whether or not you decide to serve another year, consider the need for succession and begin to search for and train your replacements.

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